The Edney Innovation Center

Email to arrange key pick up for weekend events or events that start after 6:30pm.

For presentations: All spaces have displays that connect to your laptop through HDMI cables

We are still requiring guests to wear masks unless vaccinated.

Need Help? text/call 423-637-1938

Community Space

Description: Multi-use space often used for larger speaking events and presentations. Divided into a large presentation space and a smaller classroom space.
Amenities: tables, chairs, whiteboard, podium, space dividers
Tech: projector screen, bluetooth, and microphone equipment

Capacity: 60 people

Accelerator Space

Description: Multi-use space often used for speaking, teaching, and networking events
Amenities: moveable tables, chairs, lounge furniture, direct access to kitchenette
Equipment: whiteboard & a large projector screen

Capacity: 50 people

Large Conference Room

Description: Private room space often used for meetings and smaller gatherings and presentations.
Amenities: tables, rolling chairs, whiteboard
Tech: Equipped with Google Meet video system and projector screen, and TV monitor with HDMI hookup

Capacity: 20 people

Small Conference Room

Description: Private meeting room used for smaller gatherings.
Amenities: tables, chairs, whiteboard
Tech: TV monitor with HDMI hookup.

Capacity: 10 people